What is Geofencing?

Picture of person's hand triggering an ad from being in a geographic area. Geofencing

Geofencing puts a “virtual fence” around any area of your city. We can geofence neighborhood, building or anywhere your target market hangs out.

Anyone that crosses into that area will receive your ad on their phone. The ad can bring customers into your store for a special offer or visitors to your website.

What is Geoconquesting?

Geoconquesting allows you to put a “virtual fence” around a competitor’s business. This shows your ad to your competitor’s customers.

Let’s say you own a mexican restaurant. You could put a fence around any “quick serve restaurants” that also serve tacos, burritos, or bowls. This would be perfect if you owned a “Diablo’s” or “Mo Burrito” franchise if you were to put a Geofence around a “Taco Bell” You would be sending YOUR ads to all diners at your competition’s restaurants.

geofence around two areas

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