information from an example of Google My Business page

Would You Like To Have More Local Customers Buy From Your Business?

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is a FREE SERVICE that Google gives to people that search for your business. It’s shown mostly to mobile users which have been the most prevalent searchers. Mobile users been shown to search with intent meaning they are looking to buy either in person at your store or online when they are searching.

Having a fully optimized GMB Page includes having your retail location’s hours, photos, videos, reviews, and offers special offers.

You can present all of this to help convince someone to BUY FROM YOUR WEBSITE OR RETAIL STORE. It is in short, it is another point of touch for your Potential Customers to use to help them make a buying decision and encourage them to purchase from your website or retail location. You really want to give them all the info they need to buy from you on your FREE GMB PAGE.

For free GMB UPDATE business owner is responsible for providing any information about the business, images, or videos, or articles to make available to Google. The Georgia Web Warrior will format, and upload information provided. This is a One Time Offer and you will not receive free GMB services after this one time.

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