This video above tells about the FREE Report on how to get more commercial cleaning contracts by bypassing the GateKeeper and sending ads directly to managers and owner’s phones.

It’s Called Geofencing

It’s been used for a long time in the automobile industry to sell cars. Geofencing was very successful and is now available for many industries including commercial or residential cleaning.

geofence around two areas

How I Set Geofencing Up To Get You More Commercial & Residential Cleaning Jobs

I can set it up so that it only shows ads to phones that have been there more than 3 hours in a day. This virtually guarantees that owners and managers will see your ad.

Why It Works

If the managers see your ad, they will know you provide commercial cleaning.

It really helps in the commercial cleaning business if you can bypass the gatekeeper because your ad will be shown directly to any manager or owner that spends more than 3 hours in a day at that location that you put a geofence around. If any other employee sees it they may, suggest you to their manager. Especially if you offer Disinfecting of germs like COVID-19 and it’s not currently being done.

what will my geofencing ads look like


Employees may simply call you to inquire about residential cleaning for their house. It really helps in the residential business to advertise to people that have jobs so that they can afford your service.

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