What is SEO?

SEO Is What You Use To Get Found On Search Engines Like Google

The Georgia Web Warrior can get your business listed on top of your competition on Google and other search engines.

Take The Georgia Web Warrior Challange. Google this IN INCOGNITO MODE: your product or service then your city.
Like: towing augusta ga.

Where does your business rank?

Chest pumping. Who wins on search engine rankings, you or your competition?

Here's Some Help...

Don't play games when ranking your website. Kid with a game controller.

Not one letter should go on your web page until you figure out… WHO your visitors are AND WHY they should come to your web page.

Google calls this “USER INTENT”.

  1. Do Keyword Research. sites like Google Ads Keyword Planner FREE but you must set up account, SEM Rush FREE, or Uber Suggest FREE, 
  2. Write your page using those keywords
  3. Name pictures with your keywords and a “-” between them such as, website-seo-keyword-research.file extension such as .png or .jpg.
  4. Create your page title including one of the keywords. This should also name your page as the title.
  5. You can use more than one keyword per page but don’t use too many.

Must Use Incognito Mode:
Quick Way to do Keyword Research With Nothing But Your Browser By Putting _ Between Words that Describe Your Product or Service.

Picture of quick and effective way to see what people are looking for in relation to your product or service. Description on left.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are web pages linking to your web page.

Backlinks are important because, over time, if you are sharing good, informative content, other sites will recognise this and link to your description of a particular bit of information on your web page. Links are to specific words on your web page and should be to your keywords. Many pages will have anywhere from one to tens of thousands of these backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important things to Google.

Can you rank without backlinks?
Yes, but it is much more dificult.

How do you get backlinks?

Backlinks can be developed naturally, as Google likes or, they are available to be purchased. Usually, when purchased, they are sent to a “Web 2.0” property which then links to your “money site”. a Web 2.0 site is a small website set up on Weebly, or other provider that is not your “Money Site” or main website. It’s a burner website much like burner phones. This is the safest way to do this in case Google finds out that you purchased backlinks which is called “Grey Hat SEO”.

There is White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat SEO with Black Hat having the highest risk for a manual Google Penalty.
To get backlinks that are 100% compatible with Google Standards you may:

  1. Have a good internal linking strategy for your website
  2. Guest Post (write blog articles on other websites)
  3. Build backlinks by using forums and blog comments.
  4. Answer questions about topics on your webpage on Quora and Yahoo Answers.
  5. Get no-follow links from social media posts.
  6. Buy good quality backlinks

Why do I need Backlinks?
Backlinks are viewed by Google along with HTTPS, Speed your website loads, and mobile friendliness of your website are the four most important things Google looks at when determining if your website belongs on page 2,350,000 or 2 on the Search Engine Results Page, also called SERPs.

Can I find out how many backlinks my competition’s webpage has?

Yes, many tools will tell you this including Uber Suggest Backlinks and AREFs.

If you are wanting to make a study of SEO Backlinks and E-A-T,  ExpertiseAuthoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, I recommend Brian Dean’s website, Backlinko. Brian is another one of the website SEO Gurus.

Link strategy of passing link juice from backlinks to web 2.0 properties, to 2 more buffer sites and then to your money site.
SEO process including getting backlinks.

Website Load Time

perfect score of 100 on Google's Pagespeed Insights Tool
Sample Pagespeed Report

There are several parts to how fast your website loads. You can check your website at Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Page Speed is seen as part of the usability of your website. According to Neil Patel, a longtime SEO guru, Walmart gained 2% in purchases for every second they decreased their page load time.

Pagespeed, will give you not only a score but also make suggestions on how you can decrease your website’s load time.

All SSL All The Time

Google likes SSL because it is a usibility improvement. It does slow down connections a bit due to the extra security but https  is an improvement over http because your data is encrypted. If you so much as collect email addresses, Google wants you to have a Secure Site Certificate that encrypts the data going from your computer or phone to the web server.

What Big G wants, Big G gets.

The Google Sandbox

The Google Sandbox

Google Doesn’t Trust You!

When your website is new, you have to earn Google’s trust and trust = higher rankings in the SERPs.

When your website is new, Google Doesn’t trust you.

If your site doesn’t have it’s information duplicated EXACTLY the same way, called Citations, Your Business, LLC. Vs Your Business LLC Google Doesn’t trust you.

If your site doesn’t have enough authoritative content, Google Doesn’t trust you.

The Google Sandbox is not where you want to be if you want to be found in the SERPs.

The Google Sandbox lasts for 1-6 MONTHS, sometimes longer but citations, backlinks, authoritative content will get you out quicker.

And Other Items...

The point is, just like everything in life and business, you have to decide if you have more time or money. If you have unlimited time available, you can learn everything and do it all yourself. If you’re like most people, there aren’t enough hours in the day, so you can have THE GEORGIA WEB WARRIOR perform tasks for you.

SEO isn’t simple, it’s complex with many moving parts designed 

to get you to page one of Google and other search engines.

The Georgia Web warrior has many “Done For You” packages available to suit any budget.

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