What Do Elevator Buttons and Websites Have In Common?

Confusing Elevator Buttons On The First Floor of The Georgia Cyber Center With Three Choices.
This is the "Above The Fold" view of The Georgia Cyber Center
This is the current view of the "Above The Fold" View of the Georgia Cyber Center Website
This situation I was in, with the elevator buttons, reminded me of many “pretty brochure” websites  just like the one above for The Georgia Cyber Center’s Website, that I have seen.

What ACTION  should the website visitor take on this website?
What button should they push?
or Contact?
Why would a website visitor here push ANY buttons or links?

When There Are No Clear Choices, This Leads To A High Bounce Rate.
People Will Run Away Like Scared Squirrels.

40.87% Bounce Rate picture like you might see in Google Analytics
This is a view from Google analytics of a "High Bounce Rate".

This is because you are triggering “The Lizard Brain”, as Seth Godin calls it, or the Amygdala as scientists call it. This is where the “Fight or Flight” response lives in your head. It can even cause a reaction that is more pronounced than normal. This is known as Amygdala Hijacking.

Since there is no one to fight on a website, The website visitors that you have worked so hard to get to come to your website, just leaves. Poof, here one second, gone the next. This is called “bouncing”. Google tracks this when deciding if your website has merit and belongs on the first page of the search results Page, or SERPs.

The higher your “Bounce Rate”, the lower you rate in SEO on the SERPs. This one reason in SEO, why your website is on page 283,000 of the Google search results.

So back to the elevators,
remember the elevator buttons?

The Blue Button on the elevator IS lit up.

I pushed the top button and looked down and saw the blue light at the top. I assumed the elevator was coming. so I waited.

A woman came up and we started talking while we were waiting on the elevator about the fact that we were on the first floor and there were three buttons to choose from.

So, We Waited Together.

After several minutes of talking in front of the elevator, waiting for the elevator car to arrive, the security guard looks up and says the light has to come on.

I looked at it and there’s a blue light at the top button I pressed.

She said that the light should be red. HUH?

This is after I’ve been talking to the woman for 5 minutes and we’ve been waiting on the elevator. We both just assumed that that blue light ment it was on the way down. It was not.

I immediately pushed the button and held it.

The elevator car to the right immediately opened up.

This is why you can put a video explaining what to put in the form fields on the right side of the video. Doing that simple thing prevents confusion and increases conversions.

The bottom buttons don't work.
These are not the droids , er, uh buttons, you're looking for.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, the security guard told us, the bottom two buttons don't work.
Do all your buttons and links work on your website?

True story. This happened on 01-16-2020.

Conversion Rate Optimization means, putting one button where it needs to be showing the website visitor exactly what they are looking for and getting the results YOU WANT.

If you don’t have clear intent on what you want your website visitors to do, they will do the wrong thing, do nothing or worst of all, Just bounce.
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